Honest and easy-reading reviews of music, movies and books.

Unless The Devil Is The Devil, God Cannot Be God

A clever and irreverent look at Christianity.

Wise Guys Never Pay For Drinks

Two of my favorite actors, Depp and magnificent Al Pacino, shine in the story of Joe Pistone.

From Butterflies to Tornadoes

Ray Bradbury's fascinating short story, A Sound of Thunder, inspires this movie involving time travel and alternative realities.

I'm Robbing a Bank Because They Got Money Here

A poorly-planned bank robbery raises questions about social issues, the government and the role of the media in the United States.

Why Enjoying Coke Is a Bad Idea

A fast-paced journey through the life of a real drug smuggler. Drama, black humor and plenty of coke.

Where Have All The Humans Gone?

An epic about humanity legendary past, ultratech god like beings and poetry loving robots.


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